Laboratory & Sampling


Our laboratory is TASCC assured and capable of analysing all cereals, pulses and oilseeds. The laboratory tests samples rapidly to give growers an accurate indication of quality and to ensure we can supply the correct grain to the right customer.

Our laboratory is equipped with modern technology, including the FOSS 1241 (which is the same machine as most of our miller and maltster customers have) used for testing protein, nitrogen, moisture and oils.

We can test for DON mycotoxins, using our CHARM Rapid Analysis kit, at a cost of £40 (+ VAT) per sample. We are also now able to test for ZON mycotoxins also at £40 (+VAT) per sample.


If you would like to have anything sampled please contact us to arrange a visit by one of our Grain Samplers

Jo Couvain from Tendring Lab Services can also sample and test for us.

Alternatively, if you wish to send samples to us please feel free to use our freepost address:

Dengie Crops Ltd